Automate Windows Azure Functions with PowerShell Service Management CmdLets

The Windows Azure Service Management CmdLets can be used to automate many Windows Azure management functions.  These CmdLets wrap the Windows Azure Management and Diagnostic APIs, and enable a user to more easily configure and manage their Windows Azure service operations. 

You can use these CmdLets to create a new deployment of your service, change the configuration of a specified role, or even manage your applications diagnostic configuration.  Additionally, you can use them to run unattended scripts that configure and manage your Windows Azure applications at instance startup time.

Now a new updated version has just been released that supports:

  • Querying Your Hosted Services
  • Managing your Storage Accounts
  • Deploying New Services
  • Performing a Service Upgrade
  • Updating Configuration and Scaling your Service
  • Removing your Services

Using these CmdLets is the easiest way to automate many Windows Azure functions that would normally have to be done manually using the management portal.

Read more about them, how to download the CmdLets and the documentation here.

Bill Zack