Dynamics CRM 2011: xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab Videos


While hosting xRM Cloud Acceleration Lab (week of 6th Dec’10; Redmond, WA), I got an opportunity to chat with several ISVs, building their Cloud Offerings using Dynamics CRM 2011 Online and Windows Azure. Enjoy the short videos to learn more about various cloud solutions.

  1. Adapx
  2. Cincom Systems
  3. Colibrium Partners
  4. Datatel Inc
  5. Keyora
  6. Permuta Technologies
  7. Templeton

During lab, we also got an opportunity to share Top 10 Features of CRM 2011 in 10 minutes. Enjoy!!

CRM 2011 Top 10 in 10


Sanjay Jain, ISV Architect Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation

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