Get up to $150 cash back* when you buy one SQL Azure Core subscription

Microsoft designed the Windows Azure Platform to make it very easy for you to move your app to the cloud: use the tools you know, deploy your app on multiple instances without having to worry about servers, VMs or load balancers and enjoy the peace of mind that someone is minding the security patches, upgrades and maintenance.

The SQL Azure Core subscription makes it even easier for you to move your app to the cloud, by giving you one SQL Azure database with up to 10GB capacity at 25% off of our normal consumption rates. And from June 1st until June 30th, if you buy one SQL Azure Extended subscriptions you may be eligible to receive a $150 rebate*.

Windows Azure - Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform


Highlights of the offer include:

1.  Purchase 1 SQL Core offer and receive $150 rebate.

2.   Note: You need to hurry because the rebate goes away on June 30th

4.  You can lock in the lower rate now for up to 12 month.

Get started today, visit the Windows Azure offers page and buy one SQL Azure Core subscription, and then come back to redeem your offer.*