How Secure is the Microsoft Cloud?

As an ISV implementing an application running in Microsoft’s Cloud you will be asked how secure it is compared to running the same application in your own data center. The answer of course is that in most cases the security provided by Microsoft in their data centers is greater than the security that you can and do provide in your own. 

Microsoft data centers implement a proven methodology and a set of best practices that far exceed what most data centers provide.


This white paper,“Information Security Management System for Microsoft’s Cloud Infrastructure”, just released describes how Microsoft addresses the security challenges it faces as a cloud provider, and explains three of the security practices Microsoft uses to secure its cloud:

  • Information Security Management Forum – A structured series of management meetings in specific categories for managing the ongoing operations of securing the cloud infrastructure. 
  • Information Security Policy Program – A structured process for reviewing information security policy and for making changes when deemed necessary.
  • Risk Management Program – A sequence of processes for identifying, assessing, and treating information security risks and for enabling informed risk management decisions are made.

For more information refer to this blog post and the white paper linked to above.

Bill Zack