Learn about the Windows Azure AppFabric Caching Service

One of the newest features to be released as part of Windows Azure AppFabric is the Caching Service.  This service, based on the Windows Server AppFabric Caching service (know in Beta as Velocity), can be very effective when used to improved the performance of SQL Azure and Windows Azure Storage access.

You can find several short videos and accompanying code samples to help you learn and get started with this new feature. 

These videos include:

  • Introduction to the Windows Azure AppFabric Cache
  • How to Set Up and Deploy a Simple Cache
  • Caching SQL Azure Data
  • Caching Session State

The videos and code samples are part of the Windows Azure AppFabric Learning Series available on CodePlex.

Note: We have a promotion period in which we will not be charging for the Caching service for billing periods prior to August 1st, 2011, so be sure to take advantage of this promotion period to start using the Caching service.

Windows Azure AppFabric - PaaS

For more information on this feature see the Windows Azure AppFabric team blog.