Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack for Azure goes live on January 7th!

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Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack for Azure provides access to business and technical support as, & Microsoft Online Services (Office365, CRM Online, Windows Intune) that you can use to manage your messaging, collaboration, and CRM needs. 

Details for these other services can be found at

Starting January 2011, Microsoft will include the Windows Azure Platform in the Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack to support partners as they begin developing on the Microsoft’s cloud platform.

This will include the following benefits:

Windows Azure

  • 750 hours of extra small compute instance
  • 25 hours of small compute instance
  • 3GB of storage
  • 250,000 storage transactions

SQL Azure

  • 1GB Web Edition database

App Fabric

  • 100,000 Access Control transactions
  • 2 Service Bus connections

Data Transfers

  • 3GB in
  • 6GB out

Bill Zack