New Windows Azure Connect Features Released

Windows Azure Connect provides a simple and easy-to-manage mechanism to setup IP-based network connectivity between on-premises and Windows Azure resources. This capability makes it easier for an organization to migrate their existing applications to the cloud by enabling direct IP-based network connectivity with their existing on-premises infrastructure.


  • Windows Azure Connect also makes it simple for developers to setup direct connectivity to their cloud-hosted virtual machines, enabling remote administration and troubleshooting using the same tools that they use for on-premises applications.

  • We have just announced the availability of several new features of Windows Azure Connect, including the addition of new relay locations in Europe and Asia that will allow customers in those regions to choose a relay location closer to their geo-location.

  • Other new features include:

    • Certificate-based endpoint activation for local machines to enable customers to leverage existing on-premises PKI infrastructures to activate on-premises endpoints securely.
    • Multiple enhancements in Admin UI including a re-organized ribbon and additional display of endpoint version and support status.
    • An updated endpoint UI with more diagnostics checks.

For additional details visit the Windows Azure Team Blog.