No-Code Application Development for Desktop or the Cloud!

Back in November 2010 we told you about Beta 1 of a new tool from Microsoft Called Visual Studio LightSwitch.  This tool, reminiscent of Microsoft Access development, allows you to build simple forms over data applications with no code at all. More sophisticated applications can be built by adding with some code more or less depending on the application.

One of the most incredible features of LightSwitch is that it can publish your application as a desktop application, a hosted web application or even as a Windows Azure application!  If you want to write once and run in any of these environments this is a tool that you absolutely must look at.

Recently we announced Beta 2 of LightSwitch.  You can find more information about how to develop a LightSwitch application here.  If you want to know how to deploy the application directly into Windows Azure then that is discussed in this blog post from the Visual Studio LightSwitch team.

Bill Zack