PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint

Microsoft’s Analysis Services product team (in the SQL Server division) has developed a new product that provides self-service BI (Business Intelligence) functionality for users of Microsoft Office. This product is generally referred to as PowerPivot, and it consists of both a client-side component (PowerPivot for Excel) and also a server side component (PowerPivot for SharePoint).


PowerPivot has four basic features:

  1. Within the PowerPivot for Excel environment, you can bring data from virtually anywhere.

  2. Easily organize, connect, and manipulate tables of large data sets.

  3. Perform an in-depth analysis of your data, any way you want to slice it.

  4. Use PowerPivot for SharePoint to share your workbooks across your team or publish them to the Web.

For more details refer to this blog post. You can also go directly to the video referenced in that blog post below.

Bill Zack