Server App-V, New Server Application Packaging and Deployment Options

At The Microsoft Management Summit 2011, Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Management and Security Division, discussed the System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager 2012 Beta. Server Application Virtualization (Server App-V) allows you to separate the application configuration and state from the underlying operating system.  This offers a simplified approach to application deployment and servicing.

Which applications can Server Application Virtualization virtualize as part of System Center 2012?

There is not yet a list of applications that Server Application Virtualization will support, however, there are a number of architectural attributes that the initial release of this technology has been optimized for. These attributes include:

  • State persisted to local disk
  • Windows Services
  • IIS Applications
  • Registry
  • Text-based Configuration Files
  • WMI Providers
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Local users and groups
  • Java

Applications that do not have these attributes may be supported in later versions. The following applications or architectural attributes will not be supported in V1:

  • Virtualization of Windows core component (IIS, DHCP, DNS, etc).
  • J2EE Application Servers
  • SQL Server
  • Exchange Server

For more details see here.

Bill Zack