Source for Content from Past PDCs now on Channel 9

If you are like me you are always referring back to past PDC sessions for content on various topics.  Up until recently every PDC repository was located at a different sites.  Now the Microsoft Channel 9 team is gathering event content from various places (MIX, PDC, TechEd, etc...) into Channel 9 to give you a single repository of as much technical content as they  can bring together.


Phase 2 of that move has occurred and 464 PDC sessions from across PDC08, PDC09 and PDC10 have now arrived on Channel 9!

In addition to being a great ‘one-stop shop’ for event content, You can also benefit from other Channel 9 goodness, like using a ‘jump to time’ link to get to the best part of a PDC keynote !  See this page for more information.