The Kinect Software Development Kit Announced at MIX

This week at Microsoft’s MIX conference in Las Vegas we announced the upcoming availability of the Kinect Software Development Kit (SDK).  Kinect has already been entered into the Guinness World Book of Records as the fastest selling consumer device in history and we expect an incredible number of applications to result from this development. 

MIX 11               

During the keynote we demonstrated two applications. Somewhat humorous, but foreshadowing more practical applications, was a motorized lounge chair controlled by gestures of the person sitting in the chair. Smile

More incredible still was a demo of an application, Navigation For People with Visual Impairment (NAVI) , that could be used to guide a blind person through their home. 

If you are a software company then I encourage you to think about all the new types of applications that this SDK can enable you to develop.

See the video of these demos here.