They’re out!

Wahoo!  Windows Phone 7 has launched in the US!

This morning I ran out to my local AT&T and T-Mobile stores to check out the production devices on sale as of this morning.  I have had access to developer devices for a number of months but these blow away the developer devices.

At AT&T, I saw the Samsung Focus and HTC Surround.  The Samsung has a beautiful bright 4” AMOLED screen and is very thin and light:


Meanwhile, the HTC Surround has a very solid feel and a unique slide out speaker for those multimedia enthusiasts:


Over at T-Mobile, I saw the latest in the HD series, the HD7.  This phone has a huge 4.3” screen, easily the biggest of the current WP7 offerings:


The variety available today at launch is great.  It really gives customers the choice to choose the device they like, whether one with a big screen, a bright one, or an external surround speaker.  But the best part is for the developer, it makes no difference.  An app or game written for Windows Phone 7 works across all these devices as they all meet the same minimum hardware requirements.  For the developer, Windows Phone 7 offers consistency at the development layer and that makes for consistent experiences across all these devices.

Exciting times!