Top 10 Reasons why Architects and Developers Should Care about Cloud Computing

Hanu Kommalapati has just published this article in the Enterprise System Journal.  Hanu is a Senior Technical Director at Microsoft Corp. where he is responsible for the adoption of cloud computing among customers and partners.

Cloud computing has come a long way during the past few years; enterprises no longer are curious onlookers but are active participants of this IT inflexion. Application developers and architects have much to gain from this new trend in computing. Cloud enables architects and developers with a self-service model for provisioning compute, storage, and networking resources at the speed the application needs.


The traditional on-premise computing model constrains IT agility due to the less-than-optimal private cloud implementations, heterogeneous infrastructures and procurement latencies, and suboptimal resource pools. Because cloud platforms operate highly standardized infrastructures with unified compute, storage, and networking resources, it solves the IT agility issues pervasive in the traditional IT model.

The following are among the benefits IT architects and developers will realize by moving to the cloud:

  1. Collection of Managed Services
  2. Accelerated Innovation through Self-service
  3. Agile Application Security
  4. Hybrid Cloud and Multi-enterprise Applications
  5. Accelerated Delivery of New Platform Capabilities by Cloud Vendors
  6. Up-to-date Application Platforms
  7. Enhanced Reusability of Services
  8. Solution Agility through ISV Marketplace and Datasets
  9. Leverage Existing Skills for Cloud Applications
  10. Superior Systemic Qualities of Cloud-Deployed Solutions

For more details see the article.