VM Role, Extra Small Instance and Windows Azure AppFabric Connect – Coming soon to Windows Azure!

These new Windows Azure features will be here soon:

VM Role is not Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) but it does combine the best of IaaS and PaaS (Platform as a Service). ISVs and SIs can leverage the VM Role as a transition tool to be used in moving an existing application to the cloud.

Extra Small Instance is a Subset of the existing Small role size that is priced even lower. This role size provides you with a cost-effective training and development environment, the ability to prototype cloud solutions at a lower cost, and a way to experiment in the cloud before running your service at full scale

Windows Azure AppFabric Connect will give you more flexibility in integrating in-cloud services with your own data center based components. It also allows the integration of your Windows Azure applications and data with your customer’s internal networks in a secure and safe manner. 


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Bill Zack