Windows Azure New Features Webcast

On Wednesday December 30th there will be an an Academy Live webcast to inform developers of the new November 2010 Windows Azure SDK 1.3 release.  




Getting Started with the Windows Azure November 2010 Release


Just a few short weeks ago at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference we announced several new features for Windows Azure.  On Monday November 29th, we released these new enhancements so you can start using them to build Windows Azure applications.  


Some of these new enhancements include Virtual Machine Role and Elevated Privileges, which can make it easier to move existing applications to the cloud, Windows Azure Connect which can enable you to connect on-premises systems to the cloud, and core enhancements such as a new Windows Azure platform portal experience.  In this webcast you will see several demos of these brand new Windows Azure features and see firsthand how to start building Windows Azure applications with the new Windows Azure SDK and Tools.  


Wednesday December 1st, 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. PST


Register for the webcast here:

Bill Zack