Windows Phone 7 Application Submission Now Open!

App Hub opened to the general developer community accepting apps and games for Windows Phone 7, and XNA games for the Xbox 360.  A full walk-through of the application submission process can be found here.  The application ingestion process typically takes 3 to 5 days, so get your apps submitted quickly as the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US is November 8th!

Note on important changes for beta developers.

If you previously had an account at, that has been automatically migrated to App Hub.  However, you may be experiencing problems accessing your Dashboard on App Hub.  This is due to the tie in of the Xbox gamertag to your App Hub account and the launch of the updated XBox 360 Dashboard.  You need to accept the new Xbox Terms of Use then everything will work as it did before.  To do so:

Go to

  1. Sign in using your Marketplace developer credentials
  2. Review and accept the Xbox Live Terms of Use agreement
  3. Return to App Hub and select My dashboard (Windows Phone 7 or profile). You may need to select this option twice (the first time could give the same behavior, but the second time should work).

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