Windows Phone Recipes

Have you been developing applications for Windows Phone 7 and found you could use some help?  Windows Phone Recipes are common patterns of reusable code available as open source projects.  These projects can be used as is, or developers are welcome to adapt them as they see fit for their solutions.

These projects will be updated and added to on a continuous basis by the Windows Client Evangelism Team.  Generally speaking, these projects are intended to be limited in scope, but may seem large just because of the samples included with the project.

These are the initial Windows Phone Recipes that are available:


Additional Recipes that are planned include:

  • Async Data Provider (smart cache)
  • Faster application loading time techniques
  • Push Notification for Azure
  • Shake Library (advance accelerometer library)
  • Try & Buy Helper


Please note that these code recipes are delivered as is with no support or any promise for continuation.