BareMetal Hands-on-Labs and workshop - current and futures

Anyone who attended TechED, SQL PASS Summit, any internal Microsoft events or the MVP Summit on SQL must have heard about BareMetal hands-on-labs.
Based on the interest, feedback and request to add the script files and manuals I am attaching the current DRAFT version of the Mission Critical Manual to this post.

Now be aware that this manual and scripts are only provided as guidance.

So what do you need to know about BareMetal, and where are we going with this in terms of a future roadmap.

BareMetal Hands-on-Labs and instructor led labs have consistently been amongst the highest scoring hands-on-labs, and instructor led labs, at our major customer facing and internal conferences such as TechReady.

Based on that success,  we extended the material with in-depth guidance and best practices from the SQLCAT: Technical Reference Guide and other useful tips and tricks available, all of that coming in BareMetal V3

 Throughout 2 days of hands-on-experience, you will learn what it takes to build out a SQL Server 2008 R2 based Mission Critical Platform in which you will install and configure your own environment from scratch.

The content takes a deep dive into:

-          Creating Hyper-V Images and .VHD files from scratch using scripting (PowerShell)

-          Configuring the Active Directory Domain and member servers through scripting and sysprepped installations

-          Setting up a Windows Server 2008 R2 Clustered Environment

-          Installing SQL Server 2008 R2 in a clustered environment

-          Configuring and Monitoring Database Mirroring

-          Configuring and Monitoring Peer to Peer Replication


On top of that, the current version that I am working on V3, will include BareMetal Business Intelligence, plus a great overview to the next release of SQL Server Codename Denali (CTP) as well as a full blow codeplex project.
Even more, you wouldn't have to download a huge amount of VMs, the majority will be scripted or is available for public download. All of that coming in BareMetal V3, which will release together with the next CTP of Denali.