custom skins for Surface and Surface Pro

As I wanted to give a more personal touch to our Surface and my Surface Pro, I decided to look for custom skins.

There actually is a great offer that runs through the Microsoft Stores.

The store offers a customized skin for Surface RT, with direct print options and they even apply it for you.
To find the nearest Microsoft Store click this link.


The great thing about the custom skins is that they can easily be applied and removed.
 So if you have a Hello Kitty or Monsters Inc and want to change it up for a customer presentation you can easily remove, and reapply later - you're all set to go. (However, if you remove / re-apply, after a while the skin might loose its grip).


Here's what I did to our Surface RT, which is currently primarily consumed by my wife and our son to play movies.




For my Surface Pro I decided to go with a more professional looking theme that also shows my highest level of certification and a visible twitter handle.
After a visit to the Woodland Zoo (Seattle), and signing up for a one year membership, I decided to take my most favorite pictures of the Spectacled Owl.




Since the Microsoft Stores currently doesn't have an offering to print custom skins for Surface Pro, I decided to order mine through

If you don't like the well cut out holes in any of the custom skins you'll find on Skinit you should consider having a look at as well.