it's like having a 4x4, but the manufacturer and sales person does not allow you to take it offroad...

I just got off the phone with my ISP - QWEST, since that is about the only ISP we can get in the building I live.
Fortunately I also have a Clear internet connection that I use when I travel, giving me a better deal than the internet connections we get charged for at hotel locations.

The problem I experienced today was in regards to VPN connectivity - using the PPTP protocol, which failed to connect on the Zyxell PK5000Z I got from Quest,
but worked clearly on my 'other' internet connection.

So after figuring out every single VPN setting and using the online chat option with Qwest ---- the result is --- Your modem doesn't support PPTP.

OK, no problem right, let's get it replaced and get a new model.
Qwest offered me an "OLD" model instead, requesting me to send back the one I currently have, and purchased through them.

So from my side, the ideal opportunity to purchase something that actually works, but when I request a refund on the existing modem, they simply can't do that.

Isn't that kinda like buy a brand new Jeep, take it offroad and it just won't go offroad, while the dealership is not allowing you to get a refund on it, but offers you the old model for the same price?

Final outcome --- I am shopping for a new router/DSL modem, or I can decide to keep the current Zyxell PK5000Z, configure it to bridge with another wireless router that I have.

Ah ---internet connectivity --- don't we love it.