SQL Server 2012 Certification

Value of Certification

The payout on certification in the IT Industry has been a key value to my professional career for many years. As I became certified on Windows NT and SQL Server 7.0 in 1999, qualified as Microsoft Certified Trainer and started teaching Microsoft Official Curriculum Courseware (MOC) I was able to make a shift from a rather successful OEM System Builder to strengthen my passion for data, a passion I picked up as writing my first applications in Dbase at the age of 16.

Using skills and experience supported and backed up with the proven certification (MCDBA, MCSE, MCT etc…) opened doors for me as an independent consultant that would have remained unopened without certification.

In 2010 I became a Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server, and shortly after I transitioned to a role as Sr. Technical Product Manager in the SQL Server Marketing organization, and had the great opportunity to participate in launch of PDW, and SQL Server 2012.

 I did see the quality of certification and importance of certification going up, with great success stories from the many people I have trained globally, and as Microsoft Learning landed the SQL Server 2012 certifications I was more than excited to update my certification by achieving MSCSE: Data Platform on SQL Server 2012.

Preparing for SQL Server 2012 certification

From my own preparation and successfully passing quite some certification exams I would love to share some of my readiness actions on how I prepared for exams in the past, and give some insights, based on my own experience on how to prepare for the SQL Server 2012 exams.

To encourage you to take certification I have a set of exam certification vouchers available to reach out and encourage people who don’t have any SQL Server or Microsoft Certification yet.

Now, getting those exam certifications would be nice right, but I definitely want to imply certain conditions:

-          You have experience working with SQL Server

-          You don’t have any SQL Server 2012 certifications at this stage

-          Your ultimate goal is to achieve SQL Server 2012 MCSE: Data Platform or MCSE: Business Intelligence prior to June 2013

-          You are willing to take some of our hands-on-labs on www.microsoft.com/sqlserver and follow a series of exam preparations for the MCSA: SQL Server 2012 certification that I will start blogging and post videos on, starting October 1st.

-          You are willing to share your preparation story and exam results

-          You are well aware that the number of available certificates is limited to only SQL Server exams, and I can’t guarantee you’ll get a certificate for the entire certification track.

How to apply and potentially score a free exam voucher?

Send me an email (dandyw@microsoft.com) with the following subject: “I want to get certified on SQL Server”.
Provide the following details: Name, email address, City, State, Country, and most of all the reason why you want to get certified on SQL Server 2012.

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