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Join us for a rock solid pre-conference at TechED!


At Microsoft Teched (, I will copresent with @SQLRockstar Thomas LaRock and @scarydba Grant Fritchey.

Our pre-conference will focus around how you as a SQL Server DBA can embrace new technologies that will make your job not only much cooler, but allow you to leverage HA/DR scenarios that you probably haven't thought about in the past.

The pre-conference, titled: How to Be a Successful DBA in the Changing World of Cloud and On-Premise Data, will focus on how SQL Server DBA and Developers can leverage cloud opportunities to make themselves more successful in their job keeping the database platform up and running.

We will focus on Hybrid IT scenarios, allowing you to combine SQL Server on-premise in either a baremetal installation or Private Cloud environment (using Virtualization on Hyper-V) with a HA/DR implementation using Windows Azure Virtual Machines.

This pre-conference highlights the SQL Server Data Platform and the Windows Azure SQL Database as the data platform and architecture of choice for current and future database projects.

We'll be covering: 

  • Hybrid Scenarios
  • Implementing High-Availability and disaster recovery scenarios with SQL Server 2012 and Windows Azure
  • Performing database backups to Windows Azure
  • How to manage databases that are running on Windows Azure Virtual Machine or Windows Azure SQL Database
  • How to implement security in Windows Azure SQL Database
  • How to perform data synchronization between on-premise and cloud databases
  • How to troubleshoot and optimize query performance for Windows Azure SQL Database

During the pre-con we'll enable you on how to take advantage of these Hybrid IT scenarios, and provide you with all the assets and samples, scripts that we've used during the session.

This pre-con will run full relative soon, so no time to waste - register now.


As content owner for Data Platform and Business Intelligence I look forward to seeing you in Madrid and New Orleans, and it is my commitment to you to bring a great list of sessions and presenters.

For the first 20 people registered for our pre-con in New Orleans, or our pre-con in Madrid, we promise to do something "special".