Agenda for Remainder of Q2 CY2009

As promised, this week I introduce the new prototype of the Public Resource Management Client and the remaining schedule.  The theme of this quarter is “Yet Another FIM Portal”.  The FIM Portal is a great experience for both Administrators and Information Workers, but I often hear how customers want pieces of FIM functionality integrated into their existing portals.  We will explore how to accomplish some key scenarios using this new client in the context of creating a simple portal.  The intention is that when RC1 is released there will be sufficient examples to demonstrate meaningful POCs to customers.

  1. April 23: Prototype V2: Overview of the new API
  2. April 30: Search for Existing Groups
  3. May 7: Create a Named Group and add Person objects as members
  4. May 14: Batch create 100 Person objects and then batch create 1 set per unique department
  5. May 21: Retrieve pending approvals and approve or reject them
  6. May 28: Sync config: Fundamentals of ma-data and mv-data
  7. June 4: Sync config: Updating the SQL MA
  8. June 11: Wrapping rmclient with SQL Reporting Services?

Note that custom workflows are omitted from this agenda because the content is very well covered by Joe Zamora’s blog CShark.  Also note that June 11 will be the last blog post of the quarter.