Blog Posts of the Week (11th - 17th November 2012)



Blog Posts of the Week

11th - 17th November’12




How to enable the audit log in SharePoint 2013

By Amol Ghuge published on 11-12-2012

To enable the audit log by using Central Administration….(more)


4 ways of passing data between layers

By Shivprasad Koirala published on 11-14-2012

Layered architecture is the most common way of creating software projects because they bring in SOC (Separation of concern), decoupling, easy understanding of code etc.  In software industry….(more)


Working with Array of Arrays in JavaScript

By Dhananjay Kumar published on 11-13-2012

If you have worked with languages like C, C++ or C# then you must be aware with the concept of multidimensional array. Multidimensional array implies arrays….(more)


Win8Dev Tutorial: Share Contract using DataTransferManager in WinRT apps

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 11-12-2012

You might already aware of the Charm Bar in Windows 8, which has 5 different options named “Search”, “Share”, “Start”, “Devices” and “Settings” from top to bottom placed at the right side of the screen. By default this panel is hidden but you can invoke….(more)


Accidental DELETE and UPDATE

By Joydeep Das published on 11-15-2012

This article gives us a clear idea about it and what situation we can recover it….(more)


Computed Columns in SQL Server

By Madhivanan Jr published on 11-15-2012

Computed columns are derived columns that are bound to values of other columns. However the datatype of these computed columns depends on the nature….(more)


Steps to add Log Shipping monitor into an existing SQL Server

By Jugal Shah published on 11-16-2012

I have a requirement to add the Log Shipping Monitor for an existing installation. I have heard you can only complete this by rebuilding the Log Shipping….(more)




IT Pro


Derive end date and time from start date and time, office working hours and lunch breaks

By Ashish Mathur published on 11-17-2012

Given the following inputs/restrictions, one may want to compute the end date and time of a project….(more)


Fixing Not “enough disk space” issue in Windows 8 Media Center

By Soumitra Sengupta published on 11-13-2012

The problem started after upgrading to Windows 8 Pro. Whenever I try to record it gives me error that I don’t have “enough disk space”….(more)


Handy Keyboard shortcuts for Windows 8

By Shantanu Kaushik published on 11-12-2012

Windows 8 is proving out to be a great & responsive operating system. It’s an operating system that interacts with the user to provide the best….(more)


Create New Tiles on The Start Screen With Modern Tile Maker

By Ganesh Bhat published on 11-13-2012

A few weeks back, we first reviewed a tool named OblyTile and also showed how to create custom tiles on Start screen with the help of the tool. For users who don’t know, Windows 8 doesn’t let you….(more)


Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview for Windows 7 now available

By Vasudev Gurumurthy published on 11-15-2012

Internet Explorer 10 was already made available on Windows 8 and now Microsoft has made available Internet Explorer 10 Release Preview….(more)