Blog Posts of the Week (26th May'13 - 01st June'13)



Protecting your Azure Blob Storage Items using Shared Access Signatures

By Suprotim Agarwal published on 05-28-2013

Share Access Signatures are conceptually similar to OAuth access tokens. A common example to explain the scenario is having a padlock….(more)


Windows Authentication in MVC4 with IIS Express

By Abhimanyu Vatsa published on 05-29-2013

MVC4 gone through some major changes in Windows Authentication functionality with IIS Express. In this article you will learn how to enable Windows Authentication….(more)


Edge.js - Running Node.js and .NET in One Process

By Shiju Varghese published on 05-29-2013

C# is the most powerful static type programming language which can be used for developing wide variety of applications. Node.js is a server-side JavaScript platform….(more)


How to auto publish a website each time a #TFS build succeeds?

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 05-31-2013

You might have already created the build definition in your TFS server for either manual or automated build (compilation of your source code) and to reduce your effort of deployment, now you want to automate….(more)


Kill all processes by database name instead of spid

By Raghav Khunger published on 05-31-2013

How often you have to kill processes of a database and run "sp_who2" command and then "kill <spid>" to kill each processes? This is a tedious task. I have written a Stored procedure….(more)





Step By Step Hiding Ribbon Button in MS CRM 2011 Part1

By Mahender Pal published on 05-26-2013

Sometime there some system ribbon button which is not required by our client, so if we need to hide them we have two….(more)


How To Automatically Preview Songs In WMP12

By Soumitra Sengupta published on 05-28-2013

Open Windows Media Player in Library mode….(more)


Rebuild the Full-Text Index Catalog of Exchange Database

By Manu Philip published on 05-30-2013

Recently, I have noticed one issue showing ‘Database Content Index State: FailedAndSuspended’….(more)


What to Look for in Windows 8.1

By Nirmal T V published on 05-30-2013

Windows 8.1 will deliver improvements and enhancements in key areas like personalization, search, the built-in apps, Windows Store experience….(more)


Exchange 2013 Public Folders – A step toward high availability & moving to Sharepoint

By Prabhat Nigam published on 05-31-2013

Public Folder which has always been hard to troubleshoot or you have problems in adding the replica or one of the subfolder you missed to replicate and other country office reporting….(more)


Big Data, NoSQL and MapReduce

By Niraj Bhatt published on 05-31-2013

As name suggests Big Data is about huge and fast growing data, though how huge and how fast is left to one’s discretion. Big Data initially attributed to search….(more)


Third party content-The paradoxes of the web

By Krishna Chaitanya published on 05-31-2013

When the World Wide Web started, it was just a bunch of static HTML pages which are interconnected by hyperlinks. More importantly, each website had content….(more)


Unable to send Links via Lync or OCS

By Balasaheb Ilag published on 06-01-2013

When you Lync Server configuration not allowing the hyperlink including http, https, www sharing through Instant Messaging or….(more)



Office 2013


Attributing Creative Commons Pictures in your PowerPoint Slides

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 05-27-2013

First let us decide what exactly the attribution statement should contain – we will base our example attribution statement on content….(more)