Blog Posts of the Week (9th - 15th December 2012)



Blog Posts of the Week

09th - 15th December’12





Exception Handling and Error logging in TSQL

By Rami Vemula on 12-11-2012

Most of the times it would be tricky on how to catch exceptions of different types such as business errors, data sanitation errors and logical errors….(more)


Writing Unit Tests for an ASP.NET MVC Action Method that handles Ajax Request and Normal Request

By Shiju Varghese published on 12-09-2012

In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to write unit tests for an ASP.NET MVC action method, which handles both Ajax….(more)


HTTP PATCH Requests (Partial Updates) in ASP.NET Web API and EF DB First

By Brij Dammani published on 12-14-2012

To update an entity in ASP.NET Web API, PUT request is used and we have to send all the properties even if only a subset have changed means if only one field....(more)


What-If analysis – Various ways to implement using MSBI

By Sorna Muthuraj published on 12-14-2012

Presently I am working on the What-If analysis capability in MSBI. So I went ahead on researching on what are the various ways….(more)


What is BI Semantic model (BISM) in SQL Server 2012?

By Shivprasad koirala published on 12-09-2012

Some days back I was installing SQL Server 2012 enterprise service pack 1. During installation when I was running through the setup, it gave me two options….(more)



Office 2013


Calculate a unique count with conditions in a Pivot Table

By Ashish Mathur published on 12-15-2012

Assume a three column table arranged as follows: Circle, Date of Fault and ID. Dates in the date range span one week….(more)


Learn PowerPoint 2013 for Windows: Manage and Remove Connected Services

By Geetesh Bajaj published on 12-10-2012

We already showed how you can add connected services in PowerPoint 2013. Although it may seem that you are adding these services to PowerPoint, you are essentially connecting….(more)