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As a follow-up to Microsoft's annual BUILD conference at San Francisco, our customers and partners in India participated in the much awaited BUILD Tour where Microsoft brought the best of technical content from the main Build conference to 26 cities across the globe and 2 in India. The Build India Tour was executed on June 8 in Mumbai (400+ in-person attendees) and June 10 in Bangalore (550+ in person attendees).

This one day event packed key announcements from the larger Build conference, as well as offered a deep dive into Windows 10. Customers and partners witnessed new content and latest updates on all Microsoft platforms including Windows, Azure, Office 365 and more. The technical sessions were designed to enable developers to take advantage of the incredible advances in our platforms, including Windows 10. All sessions were delivered by Corp speakers. The highlight was the Q&A session at the end of the conference – where Developers got an opportunity to get toughest questions answered by the panel of Microsoft experts from Redmond.

And as expected, MVPs had special invitation for the event. Here is what they did for entire day of the event in Bangalore:


But yes, apart from the fun, they also had some amount of serious discussions:

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And finally here is what they said about the event:


MVP Vidyasagar MSC (XBOX)

It’s difficult to recap entire event in a paragraph but few things created an impression which will be persistent. After attending the keynote of //Build 2015 virtually, we got a chance to Relive the goose-bumpy experience here in Bangalore on 10th June 2015. It all started with Pete Brown introducing us to the world of Windows 10 and injecting Universal windows apps into our hearts. As a person living in 3D world, Holograms on HoloLens demo excited me. Shen’s demo of smooth game rendering on Microsoft Edge, Pete’s demo of how to create maps with just a line of code is pretty awesome. Neil nailed Azure machine learning with a demo showcasing how you can move pics based on location and emotion to a particular folder on your operating system. These kind of events are always good to have and attend as they bring us, the MVPs together to talk and share knowledge.

MVP Anubhav Ranjan (WPD)

//build/ conference excites almost every single developer out there. I am one of that developer who had spent his entire time at Microsoft Office in Bangalore for watching the live streaming of this event. And it so happened that we were lucky to have got the chance to be a part of this event when it held at Bangalore. Yes, //build/ happened in Bangalore as part of the //build/ tour :) It was an exciting time as we were able to meet and have discussions with Neil Hutson, Kiran Balijepalli, Shen Chauhan and Pete Brown. A memorable event where you get the chance to attend the sessions in person especially the one on Universal Windows Platform and the core areas that it was able to get to. Attending sessions like these from some the Gurus is really amazing. Hope to see events like this happening all the time in the future.

MVP Lohith GN (ASP.net/IIS)

BUILD is a geeky event and every geek working on Microsoft technologies would love to attend. But some of us who are miles apart from USA has been an virtual affair so far. We stay up late to catch up all the BUILD things streamed live but nothing compares to a live event. When BUILD Tour was announced and Bangalore had a pin on the map - I knew it will be one hell of an event. Was eagerly waiting for the D Day from last 2 months. The set up for BUILD tour Bangalore couldn't get any grand than the Leela Palace Bangalore. Aditee Rele the Developer Experience (Audience) Lead started off the day by welcoming the gathering and introducing us to the folks from Redmond. We had Neil Hutson, Shen Chauhan, Pete Brown and Kiran Balijepalli from Redmond. Pete Brown did the key note along with Neil Hutson. What was personally satisfying for me was the special recognition shown to MVPs at the event. We had a green colored T-Shirt which stood out from the crowd. This made the public to ask us why we are wearing green ones and we had the opportunity to explain them that we are MVPs and talk about what we do. The day was filled with technical sessions on Universal Windows Platform Apps, Web, Azure and IoT related stuff. Watching speakers in person otherwise whom we had seen only virtually was the best thing of the day. I thank Microsoft to bring Build to India and hope they continue to do this in future too..

MVP Abhishek Nandy (WPD)

It was a wonderful Build experience at Bangalore. First of all being an MVP getting the green build T-shirt was a honour. Being an MVP for the first time and meeting fellow MVPs was an excellent experience as well as interacting with our MVP lead Biplab Paul was such a pleasant experience. The Build session to start with was a wonderful overview of what all products Microsoft is working on and coming up with. My personal best session was from Pete Brown and the demo on IOT where I got an overview of Windows on IOT (I am also a fan of IOT) and the Keynote by Neil Hutson where we were given updates on Visual Studio tools and key takeaway of the build session. The best part of the build session was an interactive round table talk.

MVP Senthil Kumar (WPD)

Build Tour provided an opportunity for us to interact in-person with the Microsoft Experts from Redmond . It was a great two way communication where the developers had the opportunity to know what is coming up with Windows 10 as well as give their feedbacks to the product team :)

We asked these MVPs about what else do they expect and unanimously they asked for Ignite. Now don't ask if it is really going to happen and when ;)