MVP Blog Posts - Developer (5th - 11th January 2014)

Head First into ASP.NET Web API – A Time Card Service using Media Formatters and KnockoutJs

By Suprotim Agarwal published on 01-05-2014

Introduction of ASP.NET Web API before exploring custom Media Formatters in Web API and how to build one….(more)


How to consume WCF REST services using C#

By Brij Mishra published on 01-06-2014

In this Post, we’ll see how can we easily write a code for consuming WCF Rest services. There could be many other scenarios where we need to write….(more)


Computed Observable in Knockout.js

By Dhananjay Kumar published on 01-06-2014

In this post we will take a look on Computed Observable in Knockout.js. Let us start with an example….(more)


Create Pre Signed URL Using C# for Uploading Large Files In Amazon S3

By Gaurav Mantri published on 01-06-2014

Before we talk about using Query String authentication in Amazon S3, let’s take a moment and talk about how large files are uploaded….(more)


Simplest way to Encrypt and Decrypt of data in Windows Phone apps

By Kunal Chowdhury published on 01-06-2014

Sometime we need to provide an encryption mechanism to protect user data in phone and/or sharing the data over internet to a database. Data security should….(more)


Azure Table Storage Concurrency Test and Importance of ETag Property

By Rami Vemula published on 01-06-2014

In this tutorial, I am going to show how Azure Table Storage entities are being protected for their data integrity during concurrent transactions. Table storage entities….(more)


Koa.js: Next Generation Web Framework for Building Node.js Apps Without Callback Hell

By Shiju Varghese published on 01-06-2014

I have been following the Node.js platform since 2011 and had been observed that it was difficult to maintain full-fledged web apps….(more)


Unit testing async marked methods using mock library

By Amit Choudhary published on 01-06-2014

Have you ever tried unit testing a method marked with async? There’s a known problem of unit testing the Async marked methods. When Nunit tried to run the test….(more)


WEC2013 – How to set Debug Information

By Vinoth Rajagopalan published on 01-07-2014

Every Windows based program, DLL and Lib has an option to store the debug information either in the Object (OBJ) file, PDB file….(more)