MVP Blog Posts - Enterprise & Business Solutions (9th - 15th February 2014)

Best Practices SQL Server Transaction Log

By Jugal Shah published on 02-10-2014

In SQL Server Database Recovery model will decide how the transaction log will be logged in transaction log file. Transaction log file….(more)


List or Library shows blank pages

By Pratik Vyas published on 02-12-2014

This is very common issue when user closes out list web part on any of the list or library pages….(more)


Server-Side Synchronization for Dynamics CRM with POP3 Enabled Mail Server

By Roohi Shaikh published on 02-12-2014

Using Microsoft Outlook Client allowed users to send emails from Dynamics CRM using their Microsoft Outlook client. If the Outlook client was closed….(more)


Prepare Forest Active Directory settings execution failed on an unrecoverable error

By Balasaheb Ilag published on 02-13-2014

When you start preparing forest it will start after few second it will complete with error….(more)


Install and Configure Hyper-V on Windows Server 2012 R2

By Satheshwaran Manoharan published on 02-13-2014

Let see how to install Hyper V….(more)


SQL Server: Updating A Column With Random Lookup Values

By Brij Dammani published on 02-13-2014

This article explains how to update a table column with random values from another (lookup) table….(more)


List Definition in SharePoint 2013

By Devendra Velegandla published on 02-15-2014

In this article you will learn how to develop List Definition in SharePoint 2013 using declarative approach with the help of….(more)