MVP brings Computing to a Local Language


Ravishankar Shrivastava, a Windows Desktop Experience MVP, has won the Manthan 2009 Award – a prestigious IT sector award from Digital Empowerment Foundation and Department of IT, Government of India.

Chhattisgarhi KDE 4.2 Program Suite is a localization project aimed to remove digital divide from native Chhattisgarhi speaking people of Chhattisgarh state in India. More than 100,000 strings of KDE 4.2 had been translated in to Chhattisgarhi. The Chhattisgarhi-localized applications are available for Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac. It is a first of its kind applications suite for the Windows platform, in any Indian regional language.

The applications suite will allows users not knowing the English language surf Internet, email, work on office suite, and play games in their native Chhattisgarhi language.