নমস্কার! नमस्ते! ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ! സ്വാഗതം! வணக்கம்! నమస్కారము!

Welcome to the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool Blog. We intend this blog to be a place where we share information regarding the Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool. The posts on this blog will be written by people on the team that developed this product. We welcome you to provide feedback/suggestions in the comments section of this blog.

We developed this tool because we felt that for many languages (Indic Languages among them), entering text on a PC is difficult today. Though technology is improving and there are many innovative products out there today, most products have some barrier – e.g. some require users to know a fixed transliteration scheme; some others allow free form transliteration, but work only on webpages etc. We wanted to see if we can bring free form transliteration to the desktop such that it can be used to enter text in any application on the PC, and that is a key focus of the Indic Language Input Tool.

Currently we support six languages – Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Please do use both the web version and the desktop version & provide us feedback. We hope this will contribute towards greater usage of Indian Languages in computing, and creation of more content/applications in these languages.

You can expect to see periodical posts on this blog providing tips on using the product and other topics pertinent to input of Indian Language Text on a computer.

Thank You!