New InfoPath content on the web

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the great work of the Microsoft writers and editors who have been cranking out InfoPath content over the last few months. While we in the product team have clicked over into Office 14 mode, they have continued to serve customers by creating Office 2007 content – everything from video demos to highly technical developer content. Here’s some of the content that has been released since RTM. Thanks to Anneliese Wirth, Arsenio Locsin, Amy Miller, Anthony Labriola, Kelley Vice, Tonda Kiffin, David Longmuir, Roger Haight, and Mark Roberts for getting this information into the documentosphere!


November 2006:

- Demo: Convert a Word document into an InfoPath 2007 form template

- Demo: Use InfoPath e-mail forms to view data in Outlook 2007

- Demo: View the business logic in an InfoPath 2007 form template


April 2007:

- Article: How to: Share InfoPath 2007 Template Parts and ActiveX Controls

- Article: Hosting the InfoPath 2007 Form Editing Environment in a Custom Web Form


May 2007:

Article: How to: Evaluate and approve a form template

Article: Guidelines for Creating InfoPath 2007 Converters


June/July 2007:

- Article : Working with XML Data Using the XPathNavigator Class in InfoPath 2007 Form Templates

- Article: Guidelines for using colors, fonts, and images in a form template

- Article: Converting InfoPath 2003 Managed Code to the New InfoPath 2007 Object Model


In addition some content that has been missing from MSDN has been re-published:


- InfoPath 2003 SDK:

- InfoPath 2003 technical articles:


We also have some excellent articles written by David Gerhardt of 3Sharp

-  Developing InfoPath 2007 Managed-Code Solutions.

- Pulling CRM Data into InfoPath 2007 Browser Forms 


And finally, InfoPath MVP Ben Walters just posted a code sample which shows how to limit the contact selector control to single selection: