ARCast.TV - A.D.A.M migrates from Google Cloud to Windows Azure

ARCast.TVLogo A.D.A.M. , a leading provider of consumer health information and benefits technology solutions to 500+ Hospitals in the US, was looking to use cloud computing to revolutionize its business.  In September 2009, they developed an H1N1 Swine Flu Assessment tool using Java/Google Cloud App Server. 

We talked to A.D.AM. about Microsoft’s “3 Screens and a Cloud” strategic vision and how we could leverage the initial Swine Flu Assessment tool work and create a dynamically configurable cloud hosted medical assessment tool engine that includes web, pc, and mobile UX capabilities. 

A.D.A.M. partnered with Microsoft and iLink Systems to rewrite the existing Swine flu assessment application  as a reusable Medical Assessment tool solutions framework using the following Microsoft Platforms/Technologies:

  • VS2010/.Net 4.0
  • Silverlight 4.0
  • Windows Azure
  • SQL Azure
  • W7 (Gadget)
  • IE8 (Web Slice)
  • Windows Phone 7.0 specification

This ARCast.TV episode gives you a full demonstration of the working production application and interview with Ravi Mallikarjuniah, iLink Systems Healthcare Practice Lead.

ARCast.TV - A.D.A.M migrates from Google Cloud to Windows Azure


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