ARCast.TV - SharePoint Deployment to Microsoft BPOS Cloud

What do you need to know as you plan to design and deploy SharePoint solutions to Microsoft BPOS cloud? While at TechEd 2010, Zhiming Xue ā€œZā€ chatted about the subject with Marc Dencker, Enterprise Architect at Microsoft. In this interview, Marc explains what Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) is, and what financial and operational benefits it offers to customers. He then addresses several important issues related to SharePoint deployment to BPOS cloud such as custom code and third-party application consideration and integration, testing, deployment, revision and rollback, SharePoint service management and user authentication. From his first-hand experience, Marc also speaks about whether SharePoint BPOS is suitable for you or your customer, how long it takes to set up a SharePoint BPOS solution and what assistance you can get from the Microsoft BPOS team.

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Tags: BPOS, Sharepoint