Bing Adds Wolfram | Alpha Capabilities

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Bing has unveiled some work they have been doing with Wolfram|Alpha.

Started in May 2009 by noted scientist Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha is an ambitious (and very cool) project to, as the company’s website says, “make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone.”

This notion of creating and presenting computational knowledge in search results is one of the more exciting things going on in search (and beyond) today, and the team at Bing is incredibly fired up to bring some of this amazing work to our customers. You will begin to see the benefits of this unique partnership over the next several days as we roll it out in the US.

Here are a couple screen shots of how these new capabilities can be used. Here Bing is relying on Wolfram|Alpha's ability to solve complex math functions (and some easy ones too) and to provide you with knowledge about unique math concepts.


Displaying details of


I wish I had this when I was in graduate school!

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