Connecting PHP to Microsoft Excel and LINQ with PHP

Peter Laudati & Dmitry Lyalin host the edu-taining Connected Show developer podcast on cloud computing and interoperability. Check out episode 22 “PHP LINQ Fest”.  Peter interviews Maarten Balliauw (Microsoft ASP.NET MVP) from Real Domen about two PHP-related open-source projects he has been working on: PHP LINQ & PHP Excel.

connectedShow_HalfSizePHP LINQ is set of PHP classes that implement .NET’s Language Integrated Query (LINQ) syntax in PHP.  PHP Excel is a project started by Maarten that enables PHP developers to connect to, generate, and interact with Excel files.  This includes both the old-style .XLS files as well as the newer open office XML .XLSX files too! 

Also, Dmitry & Peter cover the news on WinCache for PHP 1.0, the release of Moonlight 2.0 (Silverlight for Linux), and having a good back up strategy!

If you like what you hear, check out previous episodes of the Connected Show at  You can subscribe on iTunes or Zune.  New episodes approximately every two weeks!

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