Data Sync Service for SQL Azure

The Microsoft Sync Framework team has just announced the public preview of our new Data Sync Service for SQL Azure.




Some of you might have heard of our Project “Huron”. This is our vision of creating a Data Hub in the cloud to provide users with the ability to seamlessly share and collaborate on data regardless of the location and regardless of network connectivity.


Back in November ’09 we introduced SQL Azure Data Sync as the first part of this vision which was to take SQL Server data and extend that to the cloud and then take that data and share it with other SQL Server databases.


Now with the Data Sync Service we are extending on the "Huron" vision. With no code, you can configure your SQL Azure database to be synchronized with one or more SQL Azure databases in any of our Windows Azure data centers. By doing so, it provides you the ability to extend that data to the location closest to your end users.


All the while our scheduled synchronization service moves changes back and forth between these databases ensuring that changes get propagated to each of the databases in the data center.


In conjunction with SQL Azure Data Sync, this data can also be synchronized back on-premises.

For more information read this blog post.



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