Dave Thompson: Turning Software into Services

Dave Thompson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Online Services, is an industry veteran with 30 years of experience in IT.  In his leadership role for Microsoft Online Services, Dave is responsible for leading the delivery of Microsoft's business software products as online services.

Dave has a rich history solving complex problems in computing. He's the guy that put TCP into Windows, back in the day. Today, his focus is squarely on taking Microsoft's business platform to the next level, up to the cloud.

What does this all mean, exactly? How complex is it to take traditional software and turn it into a service? What are the big problems that Dave and team face? How does this concentrated focus on services benefit developers and businesses that build their innovations on the Microsoft stack?

Tune in. Meet Dave and get a clear sense of where we are heading as Microsoft continues the evolution of PC and server software. These are exciting times for Microsoft, and We are bringing our partners into this new territory with us. Fascinating times indeed. Keep up the great work Dave and team!

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