Explore Windows 7 Sensor Capabilities with Parallax Intro Kit


Ready to start interfacing with your world on a whole new level?  The Windows Sensor and Location platform, new in Windows 7, enables your computer and applications to adapt to their current environment.

With location sensors -- including GPS devices, WWAN radios, and even triangulation technology -- your applications and gadgets can know exactly where they are, enabling them to provide more locally relevant content and functionality.

Ambient light sensors, for example, can allow your computer to automatically adjust your screen's brightness based on the current lighting conditions. They can also enable applications to optimize their content for readability, making your computer more useful in a range of operating environments than ever before.

The platform provides a standard way to integrate sensor and location devices into Windows, as well as a standard programming interface for applications to take advantage of these devices. On Windows 7, the user has control over how data from these devices is exposed to applications.

Parallax has released an “Introduction to Sensors Kit” which will enable you to explore the Sensor platform for Windows 7.  The kit contains hardware for an Accelerometer, motion-sensor, distance-sensor, and compass.

Check-out the blog post by the sensors and location team for a good introduction to the Parallax Sensors Kit.

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