Forrester Report: Lessons Learned from Windows 7 Early Adopters

Microsoft Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein has recently announced that Windows 7 has sold 90 million licenses since the October 2009 release, the WindowsBlog reports. As more and more enterprise customers start evaluating and deploying Windows 7, Forrester offered a timely report on lessons learned from Windows 7 early adopters.

  • Don’t underestimate the application compatibility challenge.
  • Tie the OS upgrade to the natural PC refresh cycle to ensure hardware compatibility.
  • Invest in a client management suite to automate the deployment and ongoing management.
  • Explore client virtualization as a means to accelerate Windows 7 deployment.
  • Don’t overthink training, but shrink the delivery time and get creative.

You can click and download the full report “Lessons Learned from Windows 7 Early Adopters.”

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