How Companies Use Web Slices and Accelerators

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Want to know how on-line businesses are benefiting from implementing IE8 Accelerators and Web Slices to drive more web traffic and return visitors?

Check-out this post on the US ISV Developer Community Blog and see how companies like Yahoo, OneRiot, ESPN, EBay, and Stimulant are reaping the benefits from deploying Web Slices, Accelerators, and leveraging the the IE Add-on’s Gallery to help with promotion:

Web slices can drive deeper and more sticky connections to Web applications. Use Web slices anytime you have information on your site that users will want to see and discover when not in your Web application.

Accelerators can help your users take action on information that they highlight. For example, a user can highlight a product. An accelerator can be used to add perform a custom search on another site or add that product to the shopping cart.

Integration - Slices, Accelerators, and Search Providers can be embedded in your Web pages for all browsers. If the functionality is not available, no additional code is needed. You don’t need to branch your code, no need for if/then logic. In IE8, the functionality will be there. For IE 6, no changes needed. An add-in for Firefox will allow the functionality to work without changes in your code.

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