Identify and resolve compatibility issues – just like the Internet Explorer team


Need to get your old IE6 web applications compatible with Internet Explorer 8?

Internet Explorer 8 introduces many new features and capabilities, such as Accelerators and Web Slices for Web developers to build powerful customer experiences. 

Along with those new features, Internet Explorer 8 includes an entirely new standards based rendering and layout engine – along with a new, faster JScript engine. 

While this new platform provides Web developers the ability to ‘write to standards’ and have their code work in all major browsers, the changes can cause issues with previous Internet Explorer versions that are still in use today.

The focus of this document is to provide a few ‘real world’ examples (without site or company attribution) of issues the Internet Explorer team has run into helping customers fix issues with their Web sites.

Instead of simply providing best practice guidance (code to standards!) or a list of issues to avoid, this document is designed to give you an understanding of the process the Internet Explorer team themselves use internally at Microsoft to troubleshoot and resolve application compatibility issues, both for customer Web sites and internet line of business applications.

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