Internet Explorer 8 Support for Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)


WAI-ARIA is a standard created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) which empowers developers to make web applications more accessible to people with disabilities.

In this short video, Matt Hester demonstrates how developers can use Internet Explorer 8 support for W3C WIA-ARIA to make their websites accessible to visitors with disabilities who are using assistive technologies.

ARIA Support in Internet Explorer 8 helps developers reach users using assistive technologies.  Applications developed with AJAX, DHTML, and other related technologies provide users with a rich interactive experience which may not always be available to visitors using assistive technology.

In Internet Explorer 8 most of the W3C ARIA draft's States and Properties are mapped one-to-one to various properties and functions of the Microsoft Active Accessibility and the UI Automation specifications.

Support for ARIA is just one of many new features in Internet Explorer 8. Further examples of IE8 developer features can be found at

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