Internet Explorer 9 – Raising the Bar on Performance and Interoperability


At the PDC last week, Microsoft demonstrated progress on browser performance and interoperable standards - in addition to showing how IE9 and Windows will make the power of PC hardware available to web developers in the browser.

Especially interesting was the hardware-accelerated rendering of all graphics and text in web pages, something that other browsers don’t do today. Web site developers will see performance gains and other benefits without having to re-write their sites.

There are many benchmarks for script performance. One common test of script performance is from Apple’s Webkit team, the SunSpider test. The chart below shows the relative performance of different browsers on the same machine running the SunSpider test.  Note how the current IE9 version (not even in Beta yet) performance compares with the other popular browsers:


Check-out the detailed post on the IEBlog:


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