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Leverage Microsoft .Net & WCF for Your Enterprise SOA

Rapidly integrate Microsoft-based SOA projects with existing J2EE / web services

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Attend and Learn How To:

  • Best Practices for design, launch and test of SOA Governance and Management for Microsoft SOA
  • Control SOA costs (via faster design and deployment, better testing, avoid duplicate services, improve reuse, etc.)
  • Ensure end-to-end SLAs, security, and policy compliance
  • Automate contract and policy management (with provisioning, access control, etc.)
  • Apply SOA Governance to BizTalk Server, ESB Guidance, Windows Communications Foundation, Azure, .NET Framework, AppFabric dev platforms for SOA & cloud

Preview SlidesToday - Attend December 10th

Your speakers:

Steve Sloan, Director Product Management, Developer Platform GroupResponsible for Microsoft’s enterprise dev platforms (Windows Server AppFabric, .NET Framework and Windows Azure AppFabric)

Alistair Farquharson, CTOLeads design, architecture and implementation of SOA Management and Governance at SOA Software to support all major platform – Microsoft, J2EE, and web services/SOA.


Microsoft and SOA Governance


Microsoft: Steve Sloan, Director Product Management, Developer Platform Group SOA Software: Alistair Farquharson , CTO


December 10th - Thursday (10am PT // 1pm ET // 1800 GMT)


One Hour

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