Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework at Mix


Looking for a way to measure user interactions with Silverlight applications?  Well, the wait is over - because a new framework for capturing web analytics in Silverlight will be revealed at the Microsoft  Mix Conference in Las Vegas this week.

Here are the high-level goals of the framework:

  • Support out-of-browser scenarios
  • Support offline scenarios
  • Support multiple analytics services simultaneously without impacting performance
  • Support designers in Microsoft Expression Blend to instrument applications without coding
  • Support A/B Testing
  • Support SketchFlow Prototypes
  • Support logging of video experiences with the Microsoft Silverlight Media Framework

The CodePlex site will not go live until the session at Mix on Monday, 3/15/2010 at 2:00 PM. This is where people can download the framework installer and source code.

Check the Synergists blog for more details.

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