New England GiveCamp: Creating web applications for non-profits


The first ever New England GiveCamp will take place from June 11-13, 2010 at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development Center (aka NERD) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

GiveCamp is a community-led and executed event at which teams of developers, designers, and other technical professionals are paired with area non-profit organizations to provide custom software such as web sites, content management systems, registration software, and other solutions.  Teams will spend the entire weekend creating the solutions and turn over the complete systems to their respective non-profit organizations at the end of the event.  Although this is the first such event in this area, GiveCamps have been running since January 2008, and over 150 charitable organizations across the country have benefitted from the events.


The three key contributors to this event are non-profit organizations that need custom software work, volunteers to plan and execute the event, and sponsors to defray costs for food and other supplies.  Not-so-coincidentally, there is a tab for each of these contingents as part of the web site header.  We’ve also provided a FAQ to answer more specific questions about the event.  If you have additional questions on this effort that aren’t addressed by these resources, feel free to contact us at

Please subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog, and follow us on Twitter to keep up-to-date as planning unfolds.  We’re looking forward to uniting and energizing the greater New England technical community around this worthwhile and unique event!

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