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Looking for a quick way to get a high-quality Silverlight video experience in your application?

The Silverlight Media Framework (SMF) is an open source project that was released by Microsoft at the 2009 Microsoft Professional Developers Conference. It is an extensible and highly scalable Silverlight video framework that directly answers the need for a stable core upon which developers and designers can create their own players. The code at the center of the Silverlight Media Framework has been refined based on lessons learned from the NBC Olympics and Sunday Night Football Web video projects.

Check-out this MSDN Magazine article that explains the basic elements of SMF, demonstrate how you can integrate SMF into your own player projects and walk you through a simple project that uses SMF to create a custom player experience.


You’ll also learn how to use the logging, settings, and event-handling features of SMF.   See how easy it is to create a player application that displays suggested videos for further viewing when the current video ends – just like the pros!

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