Patterns for Parallel Programming Released


The parallel processing team at Microsoft has released a new whitepaper that provides a detailed and in-depth tour of support in the Microsoft® .NET Framework 4 for parallel programming. This includes an examination of common parallel patterns and how they’re implemented without and with this new support in the .NET Framework, as well as covering best practices for developing parallel components utilizing parallel patterns. 

You can download the whitepaper (C# or VB versions) from:

Understanding design and coding patterns as they relate to parallelism will help you to find more areas of your application that may be parallelized and will help you to do so efficiently.

Knowing and understanding patterns of parallelization will also help you to significantly reduce the number of bugs that manifest in your code.

Finally, using the new parallelization support in the .NET Framework 4 which encapsulate these patterns will not only help to reduce the bug count further, but it should help you to dramatically decrease the amount of time and code it takes to get up and running quickly and efficiently.

Now, go forth and parallelize!

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